Why does it take Courage to Post?


CourageI have been wanting to post, needing to post, planning to post, for quite some time. I have no other excuse, than that I was hesitant to document the last few years of my professional life. I made a choice…not an easy one…to come out of my own classroom and join a team as an Instructional Coach in my district.

This stage of my life has not been the easiest. Being an Instructional Coach is both one of the most challenging and one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I absolutely love supporting teachers as they strive to meet their own professional goals and tackle their challenges head-on. The relationships I have developed both with my team, and with the teachers we support, is invaluable. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned from everyone during this adventure. Working predominantly with new teachers allows me to latch on to their energy and dream big. Then there is the professional development… Being in a role that places me in the front line of new information and trends has strengthened my skills as both a leader and an educator.

What am I scared of? Why not put all the good out there for everyone to see?

I am beyond transparent when it comes to education and my role as an educator. I know, that through all the good stories I could tell…those that know me well will clearly hear a difference in tone from my prior posts. They will know that there is a huge factor that keeps me from being completely in love with my current role. They would know that I wasn’t being completely honest with myself or with them.

I miss the kids. I miss connecting with a community of students and sitting side by side with them as they work to meet their educational, social, and emotional, goals. As a connected educator, I miss documenting every moment of our growth together as a classroom community and connecting with classrooms around the world. I believe that if our model of coaching were organized differently, where we had more time in each classroom, I could recreate that passion. I definitely won’t stop trying!

If I’m completely honest, I will probably not find my way back into the classroom as a teacher. I am SO close to gaining my Education Leadership credentials and my trajectory is changing yet again. I am inspired daily by administrators like tee62,  @NMHS_Principal, @twhitford@TonySinanis, and @benjamingilpin who have shown what is possible when you become a lead learner within a connected community. I love the way their posts challenge my reality and push me to envision what could be.

It takes courage to post. It takes courage because I feel guilty that I find myself thinking more about my future than my present.

It takes courage to post, but I’m very glad I did.