My emergence into the blogosphere…



I’m not quite certain why it has taken me so long to begin my own personal blog. I believe I had convinced myself that it would take too much time to put my thoughts into a comprehensible format. I also had convinced myself I could not keep up with the wonderful musings I have happened upon in the edublog world. I have since come to realize the practice of reflection must be done in order to move forward with ideas constantly building in my mind. Experience has taught me that both inspirations and reflections must be written down for me to transfer thought into practice.

Keeping this site current will be a priority of mine, and I hope it becomes a meaningful addition to the ever-growing network of voices representing our dynamic field of education.   


Keeping it real: In my classroom I am constantly asking students to think deeper, question further, and use resources. This is one more attempt at practicing what I preach. My primary goal for this blog is to create a written timeline in which I can refer for my own personal growth as an educator. Discussion with colleagues can only strengthen and quicken that growth…so please comment, ask questions, and offer suggestions. Finally, thanks for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “My emergence into the blogosphere…

  1. linda704

    Way to go, Crista! I so enjoy your tweets, and look forward to the opportunity for more substantive thinking and dialogue through our blogs.

  2. Yay! Crista has a blog! I just added you to my reader. I feel so fortunate to be a part of your PLN, and this is yet one more way to expand what we learn from each other. Thanks for being willing to share your thoughts and ideas with us here, Crista!

  3. jennylu

    Good luck with the blog Christa. entering the edublogosphere is a wonderful thing. There are so many people who are keen to share, encourage and guide you. Hopefully you will see the benefits and continue to post and add your voice.

    Jenny Luca 🙂

  4. Welcome to the blogosphere, Crista! I, too, was aprehensive about entering it myself a few months ago but I’m so glad I did it and you will be too. Blogging supports reflection of our practice as your title so aptly says and your initial posts are insightful and encouraging. Thank you for sharing and being brave enough to put yourself out there and be a bit transparent!

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